I’m afraid to admit my child, Ryder, picked his 5th birthday party theme the very day after his 4th Birthday.

This was not because he didn’t love his 4th Birthday party theme nor is it because he didn’t enjoy the party but purely because he could not wait to turn 5… for 5 seems to be a very magic number. In his mind, things ‘happen’ at 5; when you’re 5 you start school, his cousin is 5, his best mates from Mothers Group and Kindy – he just wanted to be 5 SOOO bad! (Very cute but at the same time, it just made me want to hug him that bit tighter and say – slow down little man, there’s no rush, 4’s cool too!)

SO the day after Mister turned 4 the Party theme was set; “How to Train your Dragon’, its a pretty cool theme really: dragons, Vikings and mossy rocks. It really sparked my imagination and in turn I had so much fun pulling together a party for my Mister. I was however keen not to go down the licensed route plus I wanted to keep it an at home party (and on a budget), a smaller do with family and Ryder’s closest friends (after all, next year would be his first year of School, which, (I’m assuming) will mean a big-ger party).

Celebrations were set for a Saturday afternoon start which allowed me time to make lots of yummy afternoon-tea treats and set up the party display table plus a kids seating table and Teepee Dragon Cave!

Who did what:

  • Styling, Party Stationery, tableware, props by Me aka Paper Face – Children’s Party Boutique: www.paperface.com.au / #paperfaceparty / https://www.facebook.com/paperfacepartyboutique
  • Entertainment by the amazing Lyn from https://www.facebook.com/littlepartyanimalskidsentertainment
  • Cake topper by the super creative Rebecca from: https://www.facebook.com/topography
  • Cake: made by me (I’m no baker but was happy with the three layer Vanilla and Chocolate cake with caramel Icing!!! Caramel being Misters fav flavor & vanilla and choc cake as he changes his mind daily lol)
  • Party food: made by me plus a delicious cheese platter for the big kids supplied by Nana Lizzy plus my Mum helping me on the day