Whether it’s an invite, Backdrop or Statement Piece, our process is quite similar:

Laying the foundation

Details please…  Let us know what you Love, what wording to include and WHEN you need your party items by.

When requesting a Bespoke design or creation its always great if you can supply us a little inspiration of what you had in mind. Have you seen something you love, like, not your cup of tea?

We won’t copy someone else’s design as we want to give you creations that are cool and unique for your Celebration, however, as we are creative types pictures do help us get on the same page.

Getin Creative

Initial designs and Mock up… We generally pdf or photograph a mock up of our initial concept/s.

These are emailed to you and we chat via email or phone on any changes/tweaks/modifications.

This stage will clearly show you the design in detail.

The Elephant in the room…Cost

Each request is quoted based on complexity of design. For example printed Invites & stationery comprise of:
Design and Print costs.

a) Design fee’s can range from $40 to $120, this can greatly vary based on design complexity.
ie. hand drawn elements, double sided, 3D elements etc.

b) Print Costs: Printed invitations start from $1.20ea / again this greatly varies based on complexity stock weight, size and finish.

c) Postage: is additional and normally charged at a flat rate of $10

Payment… We send you an invoice with payment due upon receipt, prior to print & production of items.

Payment can be made via Direct Deposit or Credit Card / PayPal / Pls note an additional 2.6% fee is added to all Paypal Invoices)

Off we go!

Once you are happy with the design and payment has been received, off we go in production!